The project :


Chapel : Important cracks on all the building weaken the structure of the building, this creating an imminent collapse risk. The urgency is to "cristallise" the building in order to avoid collapse to go on. This goes througth restoration of outside ( treatment of cracks, injection of mortar, consolidation of the vault, new  roof tiles...) and insides : Quite a restoration site which will require specific technical skills.


Sheepfold /presbytary : The urgency is to buy it at a very reasonable price . The chapel will then recover its presbitary and its parcel. If the sheepfold become a private property, it will be almost impossible to make the renovation site, because the chapel is on a very small parcel (200m2). Then it will be necessary to rebuilt the fllor and the roof. This will allow storage capacity for the renovation site.

This renovation will take time depending on availble means, so it will allow us time to  build on dialogue with members, inhabitants, public communities, to co-construct a shared solution.