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January 7th 2023 : The Association wishes you a happy new year 

Still no news from the municipality... quite discouraging. We will try to recontact the mayor.

It is now possible  to (re)join the association via this page (Hello Asso site). Thank you for your contribution !

January 3rd 2022 : We wish you a happy new year full of health, love, senerity and projects.

The Saint Vincent's chapel now belongs to the village, but the municipality does not want to sign an emphyteutic lease but is talking about a "convention". We do not have any information for the time being...

It is now possible  to (re)join the association via this page (Hello Asso site). Thank you for your contribution !

We are waiting for the health situation to improve to held our general meeting, if not, we will do it by visio conference

December 26th: It is now possible to (re)join the association via this page (Association tab). The general meeting of the association will be held on december 28th at 4h45 PM at the reception hall in Trévillach.

July 8th: The "Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins" went well. You can read the summary and watch one of the conference at this page (sorry in French) =>  JPPM 2019

June 22nd and 23rd: ASPECTS association will participate to the « Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins » (JPPM : In this context, we suggest:

  • Saturday june 22nd 2PM: a discovery walk to the Séquère plateau : its chapel, presbytary and its fortified farm : RV at the parking of col des Auzines (D2). Please allow 3h for the round trip.
  • Saturday june 22nd 5:30PM at reception hall of Trévillach: 2 conferences (in French), followed by a friendly drink.
    • « Entre unité et diversité : Saint-Vincent de Séquère et les églises romanes en terres méridionales » par Géraldine Mallet professeur à l’Université de Montpellier
    • « Sequeira, sur la frontière entre deux royaumes, 13e-15e siècle » Par Aymat Catafau, professeur à l’Université de Perpignan et Margault Coste étudiante.
  • Sunday june 23rd 9AM: a discovery walk to the Séquère plateau : its chapel, presbytary and its fortified farm : RV at the parking of col des Auzines (D2). Please allow 3h for the round trip.

April 23rd: The sad news of Notre Dame cathedral, show how much we are attached to our patrimony, and that a cathedral, a church, or a chapel, believer or not, is much more than a pile of stones : these places are meaningful, the worldwide response show it…

Last march 25th we had the visit of architect from “Bâtiments de France”, and archaeologists, and they confirm the short term risk of collapse of the arch of the chapel. Since beginning of the year, we have filled in many grant application forms, first responses should arrive in May.

The signature of the emphyteutic lease, trusting the management of the chapel to the association, has been delayed because of a missing document. A few days before the initial date, our lady mayor, has received from some inhabitants of the Séquère plateau, many emails, denigrating the association, and against this signature for many reasons. The association has replied to them a few days ago, in the form of an open letter, available on this site, and that you can read by clicking here. (with the content of the received mails but sorry only in French...)

January 24th: ASPECTS association has the opportunity to buy the sheepfold just nearby the Saint Vincent's chapel on the Séquère plateau. As you know it is in poor state... We have succeeded to contact the owner and she agrees to sell it exclusively to the association for its general interest, and to preserve cultural heritage of Séquère plateau. The chapel will regain its presbytery and its land parcel. Please help us to buy it ! Make a donation !

January 19th 2019: Done ! Accession and donation are now possible on line using "HelloAsso" Platform. Please do not hesitate to use it and give us your feedback => Click to "ASSOCIATION" tab above.

The association is now of general interest it means that you can deduct 66% of your donation from your income tax if you pay it in France. 

December 30th 2018: next general meeting for adherents will be held in Trévillach at 4PM in the festival hall.

October 23rd 2018: the town council has just validated the fact that the municipality will regain the ownership of the chapel. This decision has been initiated in february. The decision has to be confirmed by the prefect.

August 17th 2018 : New aerial photos online.

December  28th 2017, the ASPECT association have presented the project to the inhabitants of the Trévillach village:


- After an historical of the Saint Vincent's chapel and the Séquère village, M Jacques Taurinya, mayor of Ballestavy, and Mrs Sabine Foillard, architect, have presented the restoration of Sant Andreu's chapel held between 2004 and 2014. Then Magali Laffont and Daniel Boubel have presented the project of ASPECT association : initiate the protection of the Saint Vincent's chapel ruins, build a reflection on a possible restoration of the monument in the long term and means to make it living. A collaboration with professors of the universities of Perpignan and Montpellier  is possible in order to be assisted during research in the department archives and for the site work. A drink, organised by the founders, have been the occasion to continue exchanges.

- In the coming weeks, an internet site will be created in order to communicate the project, increase the number of adherents and launch a subscription. Connection with similar projects, specialist of historical patrimony, and political actors of the department and the region, will continue in the following months. Members will think about integrating this restoration into other wider projects at region and university level.